Rules and Regulations

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Members

We are fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all our members. The club believes it is important that members, coaches, and parents associated with the club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others. Therefore, members are encouraged to be open at all times and share any concerns or complaints that they may have about any aspect of the club with Clare Ratcliffe (nominated Welfare Officer) via email:

As a member of Macclesfield School of Gymnastics you are expected to abide by the following club rules:

  • All members must participate within the rules and respect coaches, judges and their decisions.
  • All members must respect opponents and fellow club members.
  • Members should keep to agreed timings for training and competitions or inform their coach if they are going to be late.
  • Members must wear suitable attire for training and events as agreed with the coach.
  • Keep all long hair tied back. Remove all body jewellery.
  • Members must pay any fees for training or events promptly.
  • Members must not smoke, consume alcohol or take drugs of any kind whilst representing the club at competitions or other events.
  • Members should treat all equipment with respect.
  • Members must inform the head coach of any injuries or illness they may have before the warm-up begins.
  • Members should not eat or chew gum during a session.
  • Members must not use bad language.

Members should remain with coaches at the end of a session until collected by their parent or guardian.

Code of Conduct for Coaches, Officials and Volunteers

The essence of good ethical conduct and practice is summarised below.

All Coaches, Officials and Volunteers must:

  • Consider the well being and safety of participants before the development of performance.
  • Develop an appropriate working relationship with performers based on mutual trust and respect.
  • Hold the appropriate, valid qualifications and insurance cover.
  • Make sure all activities are appropriate to the age, ability and experience of those taking part and ensure all participants are suitably prepared, both physically and mentally, when learning new skills.
  • Display consistently high standards of behaviour and appearance, dressing suitably and not using inappropriate language at any time whilst involved with club activities.
  • Ensure mobile phones are turned off during training times.
  • Never consume alcohol immediately before or during training or events.
  • Obtain prior agreement from the parent/guardian of performers before transporting them anywhere (training/competitions).
  • Never have performers stay overnight at your home.
  • Never exert undue influence over performers to obtain personal benefit or reward.
  • Always report any incidents, referrals or disclosures immediately, following the appropriate guidelines set out in the B.G. Child Protection procedures.
  • Never condone rule violations or use of prohibited substances.
  • Make sure that confidential information is not divulged unless with the express approval of the individual concerned.
  • Promote the positive aspects of the sport (e.g. fair play).
  • Encourage performers to value their performances and not just results.
  • Follow all guidelines laid down by B.G. and Macclesfield School of Gymnastics.

Code of Conduct for Parents or Guardians

As the primary mentor for young children, the conduct exhibited by parents or guardians is the first stage in strong moral and ethical develpment. The create excellent participants in the sport you should:

  • Encourage your child to learn the rules and participate within them.
  • Discourage challenging or arguing with officials.
  • Publicly accept official judgements.
  • Help your child to recognise good performance, not just results.
  • Set a good example by recognising good sportsmanship and applauding the performances of all.
  • Never force your child to take part in sport.
  • Always ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the activity and has plenty to drink.
  • Keep the club informed if your child is ill or unable to attend sessions.
  • Endeavour to establish good communications with the club, coaches and officials for the benefit of all.
  • Share any concerns or complaints about any aspect of the club through the approved channels.
  • Use correct and proper language at all times.
  • Never punish or belittle a child for poor performance or making mistakes.
  • Always collect your child promptly at the end of a session.
  • Support your child’s involvement and help them to enjoy their sport.

General Policy

This Document sets out the basic information you need and will also explain the systems and procedures we have in place to ensure your child is happy, safe and well-cared for in their activity. Should you have any queries that are not covered please do not hesitate to ask one of the coaches for further details. The concise British Gymnastics Health & Safety Welfare Policy can be viewed on British Gymnastics website.

M.S.G. Policy

M.S.G. will be staffed at all times with trained, experienced and qualified personnel. At least one of whom will be a club coach.

All personnel aged 16 or over will undergo enhanced CRB checks.

Training Days And Times

Monday: 4:30-5:30, 5:30-6:30, and 6:30-8:15

Tuesday: 4:15-5:15, 5:15-6:15

Wednesday: 4:15-5:15, 5:15-6:15

Thursday: 4:30-5:30, 5:30-7:15

Friday: 4:15-5:15, 5:15-6:15

Saturday: 9:00-1:00

Number age limits

A minimum coach / gymnast ratio of 1:8 for gymnasts aged 5 and above at recreational level will be maintained.


Complete all registration forms for M.S.G. and British Gymnastics this is very important should an emergency occur.

At the start of class a register of all gymnasts will be taken.

Gymnasts should not attend classes if they are ill.


It is always our policy to inform parents / guardians of bad behaviour.

Should a situation arise whereby a child is demonstrating unacceptable behaviour on a regular basis M.S.G. reserves the right to refuse admission to that child with no refund of fees previously paid.


Qualified first aiders will deal with minor incidents such as grazes, bruising, etc.

For major incidents, the staff will decide upon the appropriate action, which puts the best interests of the victim(s) foremost.

The Duty Manager of the Leisure centre must be informed to record the incident.

Any major incident must be recorded in the accident report form by the coach who dealt with the incident and the parent/guardian must also sign as to the authenticity of the details.

Dealing with blood borne pathogens

To prevent the risk of transmission of any infection or viruses all coaches adopt a consistent professional approach. A high standard of personal and general hygiene will be adhered to at all times when dealing with blood borne pathogens or bodily fluids. Latex disposable gloves are kept in the first aid room and within the gym. These should be worn on all occasions involving blood or other bodily fluid to avoid the possibilities of cross infection.

Emergency Procedures

On Hearing the fire alarm:-

Coaches will gather the gymnasts and prepare to evacuate the building. Under no circumstances should parents or guardians return to collect their children, the leisure centre staff are trained to evacuate the building. Returning to the gym would only hinder a quick evacuation, please have faith in the staff and wait at the assembly point. On hearing  the alarm the coaches will evacuate the gymnasts via one of the fire exits. The Head Coach will take the register. They will assemble on the grassed area away from the building, opposite the squash courts. (Designated evacuation point A or at the rear of the building point B).

The head coach will then take a roll call and report any missing person to the fire service in attendance or duty manager. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may anyone re-enter the building until authorized by the fire service or duty officer.

If you discover a fire

Activate the nearest BREAK GLASS call point.

Evacuate as above, closing all doors behind you.

Fire Drills

A fire drill will take place at least once each year. This will not involve the evacuation of the building but will be based on role-play and cognitive understanding of the procedures.

General safety

In order to maintain a safe environment for the gymnasts it is the duty of all coaches to ensure that all equipment is checked before, during and after use. This includes all matted areas. Any faults must be reported and recorded in the Maintenance report log.

General Behavior

Smoking, alcohol consumption, drug misuse or bad language will not be tolerated at M.S.G.

Child Protection and Equity

If any Coaches are concerned for the welfare of any gymnast it is their duty to report these concerns to M.S.G. welfare officer, who may after due deliberation notify Social Services.

For equity please see equity policy.

Complaints Procedure

Should a parent or guardian have any queries or complaints please see the head coach or the welfare officer so that he or she may resolve the problem immediately. All comments / complaints must be recorded.

Record Keeping  

All records are kept by Love admin

1. A Register of attendance.

2. Name, age, medical, telephone number and address.

Records of payment and the above information are stored at Loveadmin.

Missing Child Procedure

If a child is discovered to be missing, the coach will contact the main reception to call the duty manager who will activate the emergency action plan Missing Child and will inform the parent as soon as practicably possible.

Equal Opportunities

M.S.G. is an equal opportunities employer.

Smoking / Alcohol / Drugs Policy

Smoking is prohibited in Macclesfield Leisure Centre, which is designated as a public place. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited in Macclesfield Leisure Centre. If a parent/guardian who is apparently under the influence of alcohol or drugs collects a child, the coach is under instruction to contact the duty manager immediately prior to releasing the child.


Please ensure gymnasts go prior to their lesson.



The name ‘Macclesfield School of Gymnastics’ will be affiliated to BRITISH GYMNASTICS and IGA Gymnastics

Macclesfield School of Gymnastics is hereafter referred to as M.S.G.

Effective Date

The effective date for this document will be: 1st April 2010

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives will be:

  • To offer coaching and competitive opportunities in gymnastics.
  • To promote M.S.G. within the local community and gymnastics.
  • To manage the sessions at Macclesfield leisure centre
  • To ensure a duty of care to all.
  • To provide all its services in a way that is fair to everyone.
  • To ensure that all current and future members receive fair and equal treatment.


All members will be subject to the regulations of the constitution. And will be deemed to accept these regulations and codes of conduct that M.S.G. has adopted.

Training Fees

Training fees will be set annually.

Fees will be paid:  Pro rata Per Month

Payments are made by direct debit

Your payments secure your Childs place for the term and will automatically carry on for the next term unless terminated by MSG

Cancelled or missed payments will put your Childs place at risk


The officers will be:




M.S.G. will be managed through the Management Committee consisting of:



The Management Committee will be convened by the Secretary and hold no less than one meeting per year.

The quorum required for business to be agreed at Management Committee meetings will be: Two (2).

The Management Committee will be responsible for adopting new policies, codes of conduct and rules.

The Management Committee will be responsible for disciplinary hearings of members who infringe the rules / regulations / constitution. The Management Committee will be responsible for taking any action of suspension or discipline following such hearings.

Discipline and Appeals

All complaints regarding the behaviour of members should be submitted in writing to the Secretary.

The Management Committee will meet to hear complaints within Two (2) days of a complaint being lodged. The Committee has the power to take appropriate disciplinary action including the termination of membership.

The outcome of a disciplinary hearing should be notified in writing to the person who lodged the complaint and the member against whom the complaint was made within Four (4) days of the hearing.

There will be the right of appeal to the Management Committee following disciplinary action being announced. The Committee should consider the appeal within Two (2) days of the Secretary receiving the appeal.


Macclesfield School of Gymnastics hereby adopts and accepts this constitution as a current operating guide regulating the actions of members.